EduStreams School

Independent, co-educational multi-cultural high school

Students with learning barriers and challenges

Academic and vocational education

Prepares students for the world of work or further study

Small, nurturing classes with passionate teachers

A range of sports

Cultural activities

Based in the country setting of Kyalami AH

Our Story

A quality and meaningful education is a lifetime gift to a child.

EduStreams was founded as a viable alternative for secondary school students in Grades 7 - 12 who cannot cope or develop in mainstream schooling.

Our school aims to provide a nurturing environment and community for students with learning difficulties, that do not fit the traditional academic box and have experienced schooling as a constant source of anxiety and frustration.

Our unique educational offering has a practical, vocational approach to prepare our students for the world of work and life beyond school.

Education is not about one size fits all. All learners should have opportunities to realize their potential and not find themselves lost in the schooling system.

This has become the EduStream’s motto and philosophy of “No child left behind”. EduStreams students have access to therapeutic and remedial support and tailored education plans. We offer our students a chance to enjoy learning again, in a meaningful and practical way.

EduStreams School aims to empower its students to persevere, to not be afraid to go out of their comfort zones and to feel self-worth and confidence again. Besides academic and vocational learning, students are encouraged to participate in a range of sports, culturals and outreach programmes, where they are taught to ‘give back’ to the communities around them.

Wendy Roux, the Founder and Director of EduStreams, developed the school out of a need for her own child’s special educational requirements. The vision was born for a school that would benefit not only her daughter, but other children struggling in mainstream academics.

Alan Nambiar was employed by EduStreams School, to spearhead Wendy Roux’s vision. He has many years of experience in the local and international education sector.

The vision of the school ignited his passion to help create a legacy for learners that learn differently.

EduStreams launched officially in January 2022.

The EduStreams Learning Pathways

vocational stream

1. Occupational Stream

General Certificate of Education: 4 Year Technical Occupational Certificate

The GCE Technical Occupational Certificate is a qualification that empowers students with learning difficulties to gain employment or to study further. They are upskilled for industries such as Hospitality, Tourism, Carpentry, Agriculture, Hairdressing and Beauty. The qualification enables graduating learners to access further education at Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) colleges, private colleges or learnerships in their field of specialization. They can also enter the world of work.

1. Strengthening of literacy and numeracy concepts

2. Specialisation in technical vocational skills

3. Enrichment with additional courses and work exposure

4. Emphasis on 75% practical and 25% theoretical learning

5. Development of personal and social well – being

6. Remedial intervention and Individual Support Programmes

7. Customised assessment procedures and concessions

8. Experiential, hands on learning

2022 Technical Occupational Curriculum: 4 Year Programme
GCE to NQF1 Qualification OR Certificate of Achievement
External Exam: Results verified and moderated
General Education Life Skills
English Home Language Personal Social Well Being (PSW)
Afrikaans Additional Language Physical Education
Mathematics Creative Arts
Natural Sciences ICT Enrichment
Technical Occupational Electives (specialisation in a maximum of two skills)
Elective skills specialisations:
  1. Agricultural Studies
  2. Arts and Craft Design
  3. Civil Technology: Woodworking and Timber
  4. Hospitality
  5. Office Administration
  6. Personal Care: Beauty and Nail Technology
  7. Personal Care: Hairdressing
Future skills subjects:
  1. Civil Technology: Bricklaying and Plastering
  2. Consumer Studies: Needlework
  3. Mechanical Technology: Maintenance
academic stream

2. Academic Stream

The students work towards obtaining a CAPS National Senior Certificate matric. Besides academic subjects, students are exposed to vocational, practical subjects as early as Grade 8 and 9. This helps to build a solid foundation for the vocational orientated subjects that they choose in the Grade 10 -12 FET phase. Students have the opportunity to participate in Physical Education during the term and ICT is taught as a skill cross curricular.

After graduation, students can register for selected courses at universities, colleges, private institutions; as well as apply for learnerships or employment. Our academic stream has a focus on service industry career opportunities.

Grade 8 and 9 Academic Stream

Fundamentals Electives New Vocational Oriented Electives
English Home Language Creative Arts Hospitality Studies
Afrikaans (First Additional Language) Agricultural Studies
Mathematics Digital Technology
Life Orientation Art and Design
Natural Sciences
Social Sciences
NB. The learner may choose 2 subjects from the new vocational oriented electives. Subject choice combinations are dependent on numbers.

FET Phase Grade 10-12

Fundamentals Electives
English Home Language Consumer Studies
Afrikaans (First Additional Language) Tourism
Mathematical Literacy Hospitality Studies
Life Orientation Computer Applications Technology (CAT)
Agricultural Management Practices
Fundamentals subjects are compulsory. Students may choose 3 electives. Hospitality Studies and Consumer Studies cannot be chosen together. Subject choice combinations are dependent on numbers.

Afternoon Community Centre

The EduStreams Community Centre is open Monday – Friday afternoons (2:00 – 6:00 pm).

It is open to students at EduStreams, as well as neighbouring schools or homeschool or online learners.

High school students in Grades 7 - 12 can benefit from:

  • Academic support
  • Social interaction
  • Extra murals

We offer:

  • Structured homework assistance
  • Subject tutoring across different curricula
  • Remedial tutoring
  • Matric revision and small workshops

The following services and activities are offered on demand:

  • Cultural activities e.g. drama, pottery and art
  • Sports activities e.g. netball, tennis and volleyball
  • Therapy - access to an Educational Psychologist, Occupational and Speech Therapist
  • Wellness checks and vaccinations with a registered nurse

Learning Centre Contact Details:

Marique Terblanche: 071 445 1115 / 010 006 1010

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